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Participating in rhythmic activities together synchronises people's thinking and coordinates behaviour.

rhythm programs

Rhythm taps into the brain, controlling movement and emotion. Drumming has played an important role in uniting armies, tribes and bands. Research shows that mental processing including decision making are accelerated by external auditory rhythm. Rhythmic sound has the power to synchronise brain waves boosting interpersonal interactions. Carrying out rhythmic activities together has beneficial impacts on the way we communicate and think as a team. Playing rhythmic beat together as a team synchronises people’s thinking and coordinates their behaviour. Even simply listening to rhythmic sound makes people in a team act and perceive in synchronicity.

For most people, rhythmic exercises push them out of their comfort zone, bringing focus and a joyous sense of achievement. When done together these feelings are shared. Catalyst brought rhythm to team building 27 years ago with the then original concept of drumming for corporates with Beatswork. This grew to be one of the most popular corporate team building programs in the world, copied by many. We have many other team building options that utilise the power of rhythm to exhilarate and unify teams.

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